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Speech promoting games

Set your clients fun, engaging games for their home practice with Speech Frog. Our growing library of games have been specifically designed to encourage speech and target the areas you choose. Speech Frog blurs the line between play and practice helping your clients practice more.

Phoneme scores provided by AI inside Speech Frog

AI-powered data

With Speech Frog, you can get AI-powered phoneme accuracy scores. Our optional AI feature uses state of the art language processing to score your client’s speech for your review. Many of our games can also make use of this feature, responding in-game to your client’s attempts.

Phoneme scores provided by AI inside Speech Frog

Australian voice modelling

With Speech Frog, your clients can hear Australian accented voice modelling during their practice. You can choose between male and female voices or opt to have no voice modelling all all. Speech Frog helps your clients hear speech the way they would in their local community.

Close up view of audio playback controls

Listen to audio recordings

Hear recordings of your client’s home practice and assess their progress with Speech Frog. We record your client’s attempts during games and make these easily available in their profile. Speech Frog helps you plan for your next session and track your client’s progress over time.



Close up view of audio playback controls
Timeline data show inside client profile

Valuable practice insights

With Speech Frog, you can get powerful insight into your client’s home practice. Use the timeline to quickly browse through your client’s practice by date and see when home practice is happening. Speech Frog makes it easy to see data and information on attempts and frequency.

Articulation home practice

Organise articulation home practice activities in seconds with Speech Frog. Simply select the sounds you want to focus on, their position and the level of text they’ll be used in. Speech Frog will then magically turn your choices into a series of fun speech promoting games for your clients.

Phonology home practice

Target specific phonological processes utilising minimal pairs based activities with Speech Frog. Choose the process you’d like to target and the level of difficulty to be practiced and we’ll generate a series of activities for your client. Speech Frog makes phonology home practice engaging.

Get to know Speech Frog today…

Get to know Speech Frog today…